SugarCube v2.33.0 & v2.33.1 has been published

SugarCube v2.33.0 & v2.33.1 has been published.

Downloads & documentation for all Twine/Twee compilers:

v2.33.1 Changelog highlights:

  • <<type>> macro updates:

v2.33.0 Changelog highlights:

  • Fixed macro aliases.
  • Fixed <<numberbox>> to use a number input.
  • Added save operation details to Config.saves.onSave calls.
  • <<type>> macro updates:
    • Added class, element, and id options.
    • Added a macro-type-done class to finished sections.
    • Updated to better handle post-main-render usage.
    • Changed :typingstart and :typingstop events to be local events on the wrappers.

v2.33.1 has now also been published.