SugarCube v2.32.0

SugarCube v2.32.0 has been published.

Downloads & documentation for all Twine/Twee compilers:

Changelog highlights:

  • Fixed some versions of Edge tossing when closing dialogs via the default handler.
  • Fixed the TwineScript parser to better avoid attempting to desugar property names.
  • Fixed the handling of closing macro tags to better flag malformed tags.
  • Fixed nonexistent passage errors to better escape passage names.
  • Added the <<numberbox>> macro, which is a number yielding variant of <<textbox>>.
  • Added the <<type>> macro, which mimics a teletype/typewriter. Can type most content: links, markup, macros, etc.
  • Added the Guide: State, Sessions, and Saving to the documentation.
  • Updated the <<checkbox>> and <<radiobutton>> macros to add the autocheck keyword.
  • Minor internal cleanup.
  • Updates to locale files.
  • Updates to vendored libraries.