SugarCube v2.31.1

SugarCube v2.31.1 has been published.
Downloads & documentation for all Twine/Twee compilers:

v2.31.1 Changelog highlights:

  • Fixed an issue that would cause resetting the settings to default to throw an error.
  • Updated the audio macros’ “play” actions to use the SimpleAudio APIs’ various .playWhenAllowed() methods.
  • Minor internal cleanup.

v2.31.0 Changelog highlights:

  • Fixed an issue where disabled elements’ aria-disabled content attribute was given an invalid value.
  • Fixed a few macro error views.
  • Added the Fullscreen API.
  • Added the StoryDisplayTitle special passage.
  • Added the :storyready global synthetic event.
  • Updated watches and debug views to be enabled by default in Test mode. This is an attempt to avoid the confusion experienced by some when in Test mode.
  • Updated the <<cycle>> macro to add a receiver variable based ID, as similar macros do.
  • Updated the HTML parser to ignore line-breaks where appropriate. E.g., removes the need to use a line-break control feature within <table> tags.
  • Updated the SVG parser to support both attribute directives and special data attributes.
  • Updated the evaluation attribute directive to be illegal on the HTML data-setter content attribute. They were never supposed to be combined, so this is simply a sanity check.
  • Updated the :passagedisplay and :passageend navigation event objects to include the content property, which references the incoming passage element.
  • Updated the icon font to add a few new glyphs.
  • Various updates to the documentation.
  • Various internal improvements and minor fixes.
  • Added support for fetching SugarCube via the jsDelivr CDN for Twine 2.

I just noticed the new changes to the documentation. It looks really nice. The sidebar is a lot easier to navigate now. :+1:

Published SugarCube v2.31.1 (see opening post), which is primarily a bugfix release to address an issue with settings.


Thanks so much for your work on this. I absolutely LOVE the new Fullscreen API. Very cool!