Sugarcube StoryMenu links, how to open in SAME tab?

Twine Version: 2.8.1
SugarCube: 2.36.1

By default, the links generated in StoryMenu with Passage “StoryMenu” open a new tab when using [[Text|“link.html”]] format. Is there a way to force those to open in the same tab instead?

If not, is there a better way to utilize StoryMenu ui to achieve that?

So you want the Story HTML file open in the current tab to be replaced with whatever HTML file is referenced in Link? Thus effectively closing the Story HTML file?

If so then:

1: Create the external link to the other HTML file.


2: Delete the Passage that the Twine 2.x will automatically create.
eg. the above link will automatically cause a Passage named index.htm to be created, delete it.

That is what I did, but the link that is created in the sidebar opens up a new tab when clicked.

note: I tested my above advice before posting it, and the Sidebar “button” worked as you wanted.

Some web-browsers (like Chrome) have a setting that controls if HTML files that are accessed via a link are automatically opened in a new tab. You may want to see if your web-browser has such a setting, and if it is enabled.