Sugarcube Coding

Hi, kindly excuse me if this is not the right place to ask the query, this is my first post on this forum.

I am aware of the Sugarcube Documentation Page, however, it is difficult to comprehend each of the items listed therein with the limited coverage, if there is any place where each of the elements have been explained in their working state like in w3school or if there are any comprehensive tutorial videos, kindly let me know.

My requirement is basic understanding of the codes and their use in conjunctions. Basically, I am trying to make a simple interactive game, with usual stuff namely, few characters, few enemy characters, random npcs, npcs with fixed/ progressive stats, three to five stats, progressive upgrade of stats by performing actions, combat mechanism and repetitive and specific events.

You may reply to my above general requirement comment and kindly quote ‘reply to gen req’ while doing so, further I will be adding specific queries, again kindly quote ‘reply to #query1 or …’ while doing so, enabling ease of understanding for myself and other who might benefit from this post.

Query : Combat system

Here’s a link to a combat system Combat System, I tried replicating it in sugarcube but haven’t been successful, if anyone could help me, I’d be grateful!

Hi, welcome to the forum!

No problem, though there is indeed a category: Authoring - Twine. I’ve taken the liberty of moving the post there.

As for examples, I don’t know whether there’s a W3Schools equivalent for Twine, but I recommend taking a look at our fellow forum member @HiEv’s code samples here.

And the Twine Cookbook might also help.

I’d recommend trying to implement the simplest possible version of a game mechanic/system, and if you encounter problems on the way, always feel free to open a new topic in the Twine category.

It also makes it easier for others to find those topics when each concerns a separate issue and has a title which describes the specific problem.