SugarCube - Adding a line-break amid this rigid code

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Twine Version: 2.3.5
Story Format: Sugar Cube

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I’m trying to get a line break in between these the ‘Open it!’ line and the ‘That didn’t work…’ line.

I’ve tried inserting a break bit of code here and there but to no avail.

Can any gurus help?

Cheers, below is the code.

<<set _comment = []>><<cycle "_dial1">>
	<<optionsfrom ["0","1", "2", "3","4", "5", "6","7", "8", "9"]>>
<</cycle>> | <<cycle "_dial2">>
	<<optionsfrom ["0","1", "2", "3","4", "5", "6","7", "8", "9"]>>
<</cycle>> | <<cycle "_dial3">>
	<<optionsfrom ["0","1", "2", "3","4", "5", "6","7", "8", "9"]>>
<</cycle>> | <<cycle "_dial4">>
	<<optionsfrom ["0","1", "2", "3","4", "5", "6","7", "8", "9"]>>

<<link "Open it!">>

	<<if _comment.length === 0>>

		<<set _comment = ["That didn't work.", "Still not opening.", "Blast! That wasn't the combination!"]>>


	<<if ndef _count>>

		<<set _count = 1>>


		<<set _count++>>


	<<if _dial1 + _dial2 + _dial3 + _dial4 == "3872">>

		<<goto "Dutton Office Unlocked">>


		<<if _count < 10>>

			<<replace "#comment">><<= _comment.pluck()>> I've got <<= (25 - _count)>> tries left<<if _count == 1>> until the alarm triggers<</if>>.<</replace>>
			<<goto "Alarm 1">>
<span id="comment"></span>
<<if $pcStats.cun gte 60>>PERCEPTION: You see that the numbers xxxx are more worn than the other numbers.<</if>>

What about just adding a <br> between those two lines?

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I tried that and it didn’t work.

I’ll try it again just to make sure.
Yep, same result.

The issue for me is there’s no place I can find to put the break in.

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Can you show on the code where I should put the <br> please ?

Oh wait, just saw your code, hang on.

Edit: Thanks for that Brush. :slight_smile:

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