Sugarcube 2 side menu - create links to passages

I want to create links to five passages in the sugarcube side menu. The passages have connected passages, in 5 groups like sub stories. Can I link to each of those 5 passages via the side menu, and how would I do this?

The StoryMenu is what you’re looking for.

StoryCaption is also an alternative, but it will look like links and not buttons (like the Restart/Save built-in). Essentially any Story- Special Passages will accept links.

OK, can you please explain how to add links, I’m new to Twine

Now another issue, the story was originally Harlowe, I converted it to SugarCube, but every time I open it, it reverts to Harlowe

I don’t know if this is what’s causing the problem, but if you’re using the most recent version of Twine, you have to change the format under Story->Details:

Setting a default format under Twine->Story Formats won’t change it for an already existing project.

If you’re new to Twine, there’s a lot of great resources to use for learning. For example, you can go to the Twine reddit and browse the stuff listed in the right sidebar. Any beginner-level tutorial will teach you how to do basic stuff, like links and variables, in just a couple of minutes.

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Create a passage titled StoryMenu then add your link. In this example, “MyLink” will go to a passage titled MyLink.


I hope this helps!

Great thanks for the replies, have it sorted now