[Sugarcube 2] Error: the passage does not exist

Twine Version: Twine 2.3.16
Story Format: SugarCube 2.36.1


Just so you know - im not a native english speaker.

Its my first time using Twine and i ran into a problem, I can’t really find a solution to.
When I test my story it shows me this error message:

Error: the passage “Ask Time Clothed” does not exist

In Twine it shows the arrows connecting to my “Ask Time Clothed”-Passage tho.
Im pretty sure there is an easy solution to this and im just too stupid to see it myself, but since its my first time creating anything with Twine I need help with this.

Heres the Twine code stuff:

Leave the Room
You are standing in the hallway.
<<if $kleidung is "nude">>
Mom: Put on some clothes, you are going to be late for school.
[[Go back to Your Room]]
[[Ask what time it is -> Ask Time Nude]]
<<if $kleidung is "clothed">>
[[Ask what time it is | Ask Time Clothed]]

Ask Time Clothed
Mom: Its 7:00 am. You need to be at school at 8:00 am.

Without testing it myself, the error seems to be in the link markup. You can’t have a space after the vertical line symbol, because Sugarcube is reading it as part of the passage title.


[[Ask what time it is | Ask Time Clothed]]

Should be changed to:

[[Ask what time it is |Ask Time Clothed]]

Ideally you should get rid of the space before the horizontal line too, but that is just the link text that the reader sees and won’t affect the game.

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I prefer to use the arrow syntax for that reason. I find that it’s much easier to see stray spaces with:

[[Text the player sees->name of passage]]

And because the arrow always points to the name of the passage:

[[name of passage<-Text the player sees]]

It’s one less thing to trip me up!

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