SUDS Objects and SUDS Reference

Does anybody know how the SUDS Object field “Container For” is used please? I can find nothing in the Help about it. I would have expected that a container contained other objects, but this field has a drop down list of rooms!? Given that an object can move around I don’t see how specifying a single room is useful, whatever it may mean. Perhaps it is not the world’s best field label name?

Talking of Help, the existing help says in a couple of places, “see Reference section of help”. Does anybody still have a copy of this section please as I don’t seem to have it? Perhaps we can arrange, via PM, it being sent to me?

Once again thanks in advance.

In the SUDS Creator menu, go to Help > Home Page > Search tab > type container in the search field > List Topics > Basic Lesson 4.1:

So it sounds like implementing backpacks, bags, or sacks, etc., requires the creation of a special room that’s inaccessible to the player by normal means, which will act as a repository for the objects the player wants to put in the bag: the bag will be the “Container For” the special room. That’s my guess, anyway.

Ta for that. Makes some sort of sense I guess. But I thought that is what LIMBO is for. Maybe then the idea is to allow contained objects to grouped together into several groups in those cases where one has a shed load of them.

Now, about that Reference section chaps?

You’ll find one in the Help supplied with the SUDS Designer Pack on the following page, which I found by googling suds “interactive fiction”, clicking a result link, finding a URL for SUDS that was different from, and exploring the site for that URL in the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine:…

Thanks for that. I see it is an older version than the one I’m using (V3). Still what are old Windows tablets for if not avoiding installation clashes? I shall get me hence and install it on my tablet.

Well that was a minor adventure! I couldn’t get the instal to happen on my flaky old tablet, despite trying sundry Compatibility settings! So, on my laptop, I archived the current installation and uninstalled it. Installed that version above. Copied the Help directory to the archive. Uninstalled it. Reinstalled V3 (which interestingly installs as V1!), deleted the target directory and unarchived my original installation.


I noted that the help has changed from hlp to chm. Some of the hlp files were not changed and not present in the latest version. I only had a brief look at the old version, so I may be wrong, but I didn’t spot verbs in the tree structure. There are presumably other differences that I didn’t spot.