Subscript in passage link [Twine2 / Harlowe 3.3.4]

Twine Version: Twine2
Story Format: Harlowe 3.3.4

Dear all,
I am trying to create a link towards a passage with a subscript in the link. As shown on the example below, I want the word “H2O” (with subscript 2) to bring to the “water” passage. Yet when I put the subscript formatting, the link is broken. Is there a way to fix this? Many thanks.

[[(H(text-style:"subscript")[2]0) | water]]

There should be a “superscript” button available when you edit the passage (as a Sugarcube user, I sometimes do envy people who use Harlowe!). I applied it to your example and it generated the following:


which works fine. (Just entering the symbols manually worked as well).

EDIT: Sorry, just now realised you wanted subscript, not superscript… Harlowe has a setting for that in styles as well, but it indeed does not work for links.

Found the answer - this will work for subscript:

(link-goto: "H<sub>2</sub>O", "water")

Thanks, this worked!