Submarine Sabotage hints and tips

First, I have to say that I am enjoying this game after finishing A1rlock.
But I have broken the game. I have typed hints and the interpreter shows “punyinform error -3” all the time.
By the way, I need some help…

I have the scuba suit but I need some item that prevents I die becouse the cold water.
Additionally I have learned that there is a bomb I attached to the hull, but I can’t find it anywhere.

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You need the scuba suit and a breathing device to survive in the water. The bomb is on the outside off the hull. You have to go out the airlock to find it.

----pssst… you forgot to close your spoiler tag----

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Thank you and…Thank you.
I have no idea where to find the second item, the device.

Make sure to search every… body.


This is for everybody playing this nice game. Garry found out a stack overflow problem minutes before the deadline, iirc.
If the interpreter starts vomiting parser errors or similar, just drop all you hold somewhere safe and carry only the things you might need. It’s a problem with the total number of items being shown at a time.


Thanks for reporting this error. I didn’t strike it myself, despite carrying lots of objects with me. The game where I did strike it was ‘The King’s Ball’ and I did a quick fix.

It turns out that this is related to the number of objects in scope. The maximum number of objects that can be in scope is controlled by MAX_SCOPE. The default is 32. You must have got into a situation where more than 32 objects were in scope, so I need to increase this for the post-comp release. Sorry about that.

If you type HINT in the airlock, it tells you that “You can now open the outer hatch, but make sure you are wearing something to protect you from the cold Atlantic seawater and something that allows you to breath underwater.” It sounds like you are missing the former, but you have the latter. The latter is an aqualung. It is not a suit.