Style link or add sound?

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Morning people!

So, new question. I feel like the riddler…

I have a text line that fades up. In that text line there is a link that has a style:Fade-in-out. I want that link to also have a sound when you click on it. I have created 2 versions, one with style and one with sound. But how to code it to have both…

Here is my first version without the sound:

(t8n:“Fade-up”)+(t8n-time:10s)+(t8n-skip:0.2s)[Click on (text-style: “fade-in-out”)[[enter]] to begin the game]

Here is my second version with the sound but without the style:

(t8n:“Fade-up”)+(t8n-time:10s)+(t8n-skip:0.2s) [Click on (link:‘enter’)[
(track: ‘beep’, ‘play’)
(goto: ‘enter’)
] to begin the game]

So how to get both sound and style to work at the same time?


Ahhh I figured it out! I used the enchant code…

(enchant: ?Link, (text-style: “fade-in-out”) )