Stupid Inform 7 Compilation Errors

I’m really new to inform, and i am writing a game with inform 7. However, my source code has gotten quite long so i started using headers. But these headers didn’t make anything easier, they gave a ton more errors. I’ve gotten really stupid errors such as

The “Setup” and the “Release” are on two different lines, i don’t know why it is reading them as one. I also get stupid errors where Inform doesn’t seem to recognize some basic rules:

I know that Inform will understand the syntax “something carried by the player” and that’s what is in these sentinces.
What am i doing wrong?

You need an empty row between a header and the following code (and the preceding code as well). You probably have:

Section 2 - Setup Release along with cover art, and an interpreter.
You need to add the extra space so it becomes

[code]Section 2 - Setup

Release along with cover art, and an interpreter.[/code]
The later errors can be caused by the previous ones, so it’s best to fix the issues starting from the first and seeing if it resolves the later ones as well.

(Edit: I tried it out and you get that exact error message only if you have no space before nor after the header. So you have to add one empty line before the header as well.)

Thanks, i’ve done that for all of my headers, but it is still giving me the error message:

Are you sure you’ve defined the usp match in your code? That looks like the error you get when you haven’t defined an object (or have accidentally defined something like the “usp macth”, as I’ve learned from bitter experience.)

you… are good. somehow the object got deleted when i was moving stuff around. Thanks!