Stuck on Wade Clarke's "Leadlight"

I’m close to solving the ending of this one. I can feel it! I just can’t figure out what to do to enter the leadlight door at the end of the game without getting killed. I’ve made it so far without hints or clues, but now I can’t find anything telling me how to solve this ending online and I’m stumped. Any little hints to help me finish this game I’d certainly appreciate. I want to know how the story ends!

Here’s what I’ve got

  • I’ve killed Eve
  • The alchemist and automatons are not dead, but they are all stranded in the library from my fleeing enough times and losing them
  • I killed Belinda’s duplicate with the hairpin
  • I killed the witch and I have the bell
  • All of the other enemies are dead that I can think of

Each time I go past the leadlight door the torch goes out and I get killed, but I can’t enter the room without it (or a “source of light.”) I tried dancing and ringing the bell again after entering the room, but no luck. Is there maybe another source of light I should be looking for?

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This hint will definitely get you unstuck. I’ve rot 13’d it:

Va gur qnex, unir lbh gevrq nyy qverpgvbaf?


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Yay!!! Thank you.