Stuck on Groove Billygoat (ShuffleComp)

I am stuck near the end of Groove Billygoat.

I can’t seem to get rid of the thugs near the end. No matter how much I use the “aaow!” magic word, they keep coming up and beating me up. I’ve tried attacking them, throwing them off the roof, going north from the rooftop, but nothing works. What am I missing here? (Also, the walthrough mentioned in the help file appears to be missing.)

You’re on the right track but you’re still missing the “secret weapon.”

A small hint:

The Thin Man’s powers don’t come from words alone. Try taking a closer look at him.

Do you mean the glove? Because I already got that. Hoo’d and Eehee’d all their bullets away, and now they’re attacking me unarmed. They keep beating me up and throwing me off the roof. Is there anything else the Thin Man has that I should copy?

Have you tried the same strategy with the thugs that you did with the bullets?