Stuck on Andromeda Apocalypse

So I’m playing Andromeda Apocalypse, I’m not sure what to do next, and the hint system won’t give me any hints.


woken up LOGAN and looked into the container in the Freezing Room.

Those were the last two hint topics.

Here are the achievements I have:

A Hell of a Storm (You watched the sky turn dark)
A Dark Omen (You have seen the dark side of the sky)
The Leaper (You have jumped through the void)
The Dweller (You have reached the bottom)
To Shed a Light (You have turned the lights on)
Ticketless Ride (You have taken the train)
The Fisher (You have seen the fish)
The X Marks the Spot (You have crossed over)
Play It Again, Ektor (You have played a record)
Communication Breakdown (You know how to have people listen to you)

I noticed that, though I’ve generally attained the achievements in the order they’re listed, I missed one:

Invisible Killer ( -???- )

While I was falling asleep last night I had the idea to

open the observatory dome, wait for a whale to crash into the observatory, and take the dead body to the table for analyzing dead specimens


I can’t see the whales anymore

and it was a stupid idea anyway (I was having a sort of hypnagogic hallucination that there was an achievement that suggested that might work).

Also at some point I

took the silver cylinder out of the power machine and put it back in

which I fear may have done something to the game state, when I examine that machine it says it’s switched off, but when I try to switch it on it says it’s switched on.

Matt-- I haven’t played the game yet. But this sounds like a bug in the game. Since the beta testers didn’t find this problem (assumption) it likely doesn’t affect the outcome.

Am I allowed to answer this?

I think it’s OK for you to PM me but not to answer it in public. But I’m not the comp organizer.

Let’s say this: If you PM me I won’t tell. (You can take time to get a clarification from Stephen if you want though, I probably won’t be returning to this till tonight or so.)