Stuck in Two of the Spring Thing Games

I’ve now played all of the games for this year and enjoyed many of them immensely, however I am not able to complete two of the ones I like best. Has anybody here made it through Founder’s Mercy or solved The Empty Chamber with a perfect score? If so I would appreciate some gentle guidance…

BTW, if anybody hasn’t tried The Ballroom yet they should do so immediately. It only takes a few minutes to go through it and it’s frightfully clever and delicious. [my humble opinion disclaimer and all that]

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Hey Chris, I also enjoyed them a lot.
I’ll be happy to give you a nudge. Where you are stuck in Founder’s Mercy and what deduction(s) are you missing in The Empty Chamber?

I can mention that in Founder’s Mercy there was one puzzle that took me a bit of time to figure out: Getting through the lasers
Hint: How can you see the laser light?

Hi! I’m playing through Empty Chamber again right now slowly and carefully to try not to miss anything. It seems as though the immovability of the Cor, the recess behind the gargoyle, and the safe under the bed are probably all relevant somehow but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with any of them. If there are characters other than the inspector and the landlady that it is somehow possible to talk to that would also be good to know, because I haven’t noticed a way of doing it. I’m going to hit Founder’s Mercy next, I can’t remember just now exactly what I was stuck on but I’ll let you know soon. Thanks!

The cor: To my knowledge, there is nothing you can do with it, and it’s not relevant to solving the game.
The gargoyle: I’m not sure how to give a hint without saying it outright, but have you tried **** it? (I’ll leave the verb for you to figure out)
The safe: You need to find a hint for the code somewhere.