Stuck in The Axe of Kolt

Hi all, I am currently playing the adrift game Axe of Kolt, and I really like it so far. The game is great in steering you in the right direction, because there are always events happening after you complete a puzzle. But now I’m very stuck in Part two, the forest. I know, it’s very difficult to explain where I am in such a huge game, but I’ll try my best to explain what I’ve already done.

I have:

  • found the boat to go back to the part one region, but I don’t think I have to use that yet
  • entered the forest
  • got shot at and ran away with my chainmail, but now the path is blocked until I find a weapon
  • found the key to unlock the house
  • found a ball, a bag in the drawer and a paper with unknown language under the drawer
  • got a seed pod from the garden and got the seeds out of it
  • on walking through the forest paths, brushed away a spider and stomped on it
  • found a dovecote and the hidden entrance to it, but nothing is inside as far as I can tell
  • found a hedge where I can walk through into a clearing with absolutely nothing inside
  • knocked on the tree door and talked to grim about galhexia and the xixons, he says I have to kill them to get his help
  • explored the garden and shed of the ruined house and got bloomers, a string, a piece of wood and a sack
  • crawled into the house and found only a spike, which I carried out by putting it into the bag so that I had my hands free to crawl
  • made a catapult
    And that’s it. I walked through every location again to see if something would trigger, but nothing. I found a walkthrough online, but that seems to be for the old game version, not the adrift remake. This one mentions something about talking men I must shoot with a stone, but I haven’t seen any so far.

Has anybody got an idea? I play this game online, so if someone wants to see for himself, my latest save code is 6e7a33db

Thanks for any help.

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I playtested Axe of Kolt for the last update and I loved it. The other Alaric Blackmoon games are well worth playing too.

It has been more than a year ago since I played, but I’ll try to help where I can.

There are two main game-parts in the forest. I’ll try to split up the hints before and after you kill the Xixon-warriors.

These will be rather explicit hints.


  • The boat is only necessary should you have forgotten something in the marketplace. Since I read that you already have armour, I don’t think you will need it.

  • The catapult shoots pebbles. The author though it was obvious that there are pebbles everywhere in a forest (I don’t) so you can just FIND PEBBLES everywhere in the forest.

  • The empty clearing behind the hedge is where two of the three Xixon will meet. These Xixon-warriors are the talking men from the older version. You need to shoot one of them with a pebble from your catapult. I don’t remember what action in the game triggers the appearance of the Xixon in the clearing though.

  • Once you have defeated the Xixon-warriors in the clearing behind the hedge, you can take a spear from one of the bodies. This is the weapon you need to fight the Xixon-archer on the blocked path.

  • Don’t forget to cut off the Xixon heads. I remember that for some reason you need to carry them in the sack you found. I don’t remember why though.


  • The unreadable paper from the drawer is a recipe for Grim. SHOW or GIVE it to him.

  • The seeds will be important for getting an ingredient for the recipe. I think you can drop them by the dovecote to lure a bird.

Even later:

  • The spike is needed a lot later in the game. Be sure to carry it in your waistpocket. (or small pack, or hipsack,…) Otherwise you will lose it and make the game unwinnable.

I believe that the author’s e-mail is in the HELP-response. This is a valid e-mail adress, and I know Larry Horsefield would be glad to help or receive any sort of feedback to his game. So if you need further help, I recommend contacting him.

You can read more about why I love this game so much in my IFDB-review.
Good hunting!