stuck in counterfeit monkey

[*]I can’t figure out the naughty item to show professor Waterstone… do I need to upgrade my remover to be able to handle living things?

I can’t figure out how to get past the secretary at the Bureau of Orthography. I disguised my plans as a pan with origin paste but I can’t leave the monocle anywhere or figure out how to change it.


Try putting it in your backpack and closing your backpack. Annoyingly, the backpack auto-opens every time you have to take something out of it and you have to close it again.

Thank you! I guess I just had too many items that the character didn’t like. what a lame place to be stuck. So now I know I need to make a paperweight but I can’t seem to find a synthesizer and I’m trying to escape the bureau also, there’s something about a powercord? I’m just confused

For the last one, experiment with some of the old equipment in the Bureau. Most of them are useless, but they can have some amusing effects. Once you’ve solved that puzzle it’ll help with the earlier one.