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Other than using an extension, is there a way to code strikethrough as a font? I have tried different ways based on other programs I have used, none of them seem to work.


I’m not sure which interpreters would support this effect. Do you have a specific interpreter in mind that you’ll want it to be compatible with? You could try a web-based interpreter, like Quixe, and see if you can set up the strikethrough effect with CSS or something.

U+0336 Combining Long Stroke Overlay, placed after each letter, should render as a strikethrough. But this depends on the interpreter’s Unicode support.

Just a side note that extensions don’t have any special powers compared to project code. If something can be done with an extension, it can be done without it too.

I have Inform 7 with the Unicode Full Character Names extention (I use it throughout the narrative). Coding the below doesn’t seem to work, however. I have tried a few different permutations:

"Apparently there is a need for a radio station in your subconscious, because here it is.  I guess with the advent of internet and satellite radio the demand for the old kind of broadcasting has dropped tremendously.  As a result, this radio station's size has been trimmed away bit by bit until only a DJ booth exists to the north.  Otherwise, this room is a waiting area, there are a c[Unicode 0336]o[Unicode 0336]u[Unicode 0336]p[Unicode 0336]l[Unicode 0336]e[Unicode  0336] of chairs and a coffee table that once held some magazines."

But also c[U+0336], c[Unicode+0336], c [unicode +0336]. Above is the closest I’ve come (others don’t compile), but it isn’t strikethrough, it’s a separate character, like an O~ almost.


U+0336 is in hexadecimal. Inform 7 only understands decimal. 0x0336 is 822, so you should use [unicode 822]. You can also use the literal character directly, if you want.

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