Streamlined Hyperlinks (Tip)

After wrestling with it for a while, I’ve figured out how to save a lot of typing when adding clickable hyperlinks to T3 text. This method will possibly work in adv3, although I’m using adv3Lite, as it’s HTML-specific.

The goal is, rather than type this type of thing about 300 times:

"The bulk of the <FONT COLOR=#00A030><b><<aHref('look at shopping center', 'shopping center', 'look at shopping center', AHREF_Plain)>></b></FONT> squats in decrepit splendor to the south...."

…I would like to be able to type this:

"The bulk of the <<xLink('shopping center')>> squats in decrepit splendor to the south...."

And here’s the solution:

modify Thing xLink(txt) { local str = 'look at ' + txt; return '<FONT COLOR=#00A030><b><<aHref(str, txt, str, AHREF_Plain)>></b></FONT>'; } ;
This seems to be working perfectly.