StoryTron source release

This is either of interest or of historical interest:

Chris Crawford’s Storytron tool, MIT license.


Are there any games available to play that have been developed in this system?

I hope somebody’s working on a Storytron “Cloak of Darkness” as we speak!

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Java! Eww! seriously though, I don’t know why this system even exists IMHO. Crawford was a narrative genius, but his systems have always seemed too complex and unorthodox for their own good.

Can’t believe I missed this. I am extremely happy that the source code was finally released. I’ve been itching to take another crack at Storytron since the shutdown.

Not that I’m aware of, which I gather was a major part of why it entered the “medically induced coma” that it was in.

Backstory here:!topic/storytron-org/fGiEOIMA00Y