StoryTron source release

This is either of interest or of historical interest:

Chris Crawford’s Storytron tool, MIT license.


Are there any games available to play that have been developed in this system?

I hope somebody’s working on a Storytron “Cloak of Darkness” as we speak!

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Java! Eww! seriously though, I don’t know why this system even exists IMHO. Crawford was a narrative genius, but his systems have always seemed too complex and unorthodox for their own good.

Can’t believe I missed this. I am extremely happy that the source code was finally released. I’ve been itching to take another crack at Storytron since the shutdown.

Not that I’m aware of, which I gather was a major part of why it entered the “medically induced coma” that it was in.

Just seeing this now. While there are no complete games available to play there are quite a few examples created by various authors in 2009-2010 in the storyworlds repository (some “play” better than others).

To run any of these storyworlds you can download and build the code from source (instructions in the swat repository ReadMe) or you can download a JAR file here.

Some other links of interest:

I have just published the Storytron Summer 2019 Update here.

TL;DR - I am suspending all of my current Storytron work but there are some links in this update that some of you might find interesting.

Backstory here:!topic/storytron-org/fGiEOIMA00Y