A new system with a kickstarter. There’s a video of the development tool that’s interesting, … enture-gam


Hi. I just wanted to say thanks for posting a link to our Kickstarter. We all appreciate it. We’ve been working on it for 15 months now and there’s a lot that has gone into this engine that can make IF stories really simple or really complex. We wanted to design it for all sorts of writers.

Blair, my husband, designed the engine. He has been a lifelong gamer and reader. If you are old enough to remember the Ultima series, you may remember Ultima 4. For fun, he rebuilt it all in flash and thousands of people around the world played his port.

A great article on Blair and our engine is here: … spired-it/

So thanks for sharing our Kickstarter page and I hope more people will come check it out. Cheers!

Jean (ladyboss at OMSG)