Storynexus Alternatives?

Hello friends, I was interested in the storynexus platform for making some games but was heart broken to find out that you can no longer make any new worlds.

So i would like to ask if there are any alternatives to storynexus that has a similar look and feel and how it handles interactive fiction.

thank you for any replies!

You’re not the first author to face this issue. The StoryNexus functionality wouldn’t be terribly difficult to implement. This is apparently what they did in Alcyone, which uses Twine under the hood.

If you’re not comfortable with rolling your own Failbetter-like engine in Twine, I believe Inkle also offers some good quality based functionality right out the gate using the Ink system.

The main element of Storynexus that was unique isn’t the quality-based narrative so much as “card deck”-based mechanics. Those introduce some randomness (It’s based on Fallen London) where the player actually can draw a selection of random cards and potentially “hold” some in an inventory to choose when to use the card like a skill or an item, or when to embark on a story/plot element on the card.

Choosable branches on each card could also be allowed/disallowed based on qualities. If your sink clogged up, a card “Call for help to fix your sink” could then appear in the main deck or in your hand, and you could choose branches like “Get your neighbor to help for free” or a branch with a higher chance of success “Call a professional plumber” if you had enough money to select that option. Branches could have a dice roll and separate success and failure outcomes. Perhaps if the player has gotten the “Professional Plumber” quality, a new branch on that card could appear with a 95% success rate that wouldn’t require money.

Also, entire special decks could be available based on set qualities, and the decks can be “stacked” by the author based on player qualities - adding and removing cards that can potentially appear or not appear in any specific deck.

As a mini-example: imagine playing blackjack where one player has a special card that casts a spell to remove all the 10s and face cards from the dealer’s deck so they could prevent themselves from busting on a 12 when their next card comes out.

A similar system was Varytale, where instead of cards the author essentially created short mini-adventure “chapters” which could be offered in random order or qualified/disqualified based on specific qualities set in other chapters. If you played a chapter where your sink clogged up, a chapter about calling the plumber could then be qualified to randomly appear as the next story segment, or even forced into the selection the player has to read/choose from next, or forced as the only chapter the player has to choose from next.

@JoshGrams was working on a tiny QBN system, which I think was going to involve some card-like stuff too–what he had was on GitHub. That might be interesting to look at!

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Yeah, I sent a private message this morning and have been second-guessing that since. What’s there is reasonably solid, and it probably only needs another 15-20 hours of work, but I haven’t touched it since mid-June: I just…find working with Twine and SugarCube to be a constant low-grade irritation. And I suck at finishing projects that I don’t have a concrete need for. Maybe I should hire someone to work with me and write some short stories so I’d have a good excuse. Hmm…what does Sub-Q do? Maybe 9 cents/word plus tech support for a 4-6,000-ish word story? Or two? Think I’d get any takers for something like that?