StoryMate Update 0.4: Choose Your Own Logic

StoryMate has and is going through some fairly decent updates:

  • Firstly, the platform now a dedicated URL / home
  • The editor is responsive and opens full screen
  • Interface for adding variables vs checking variables has been improved (although not nearly enough, the next next update will offer vastly improved interface for setting variables)
  • Autosaving has been improved
  • Translations capability (StoryMate now comes with English and German now)

As always, love to know your thoughts. If you want to provide us a translation file let me know :pray:

New dedicated URL:

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One area that needs a little love is the grid view navigation. Currently it resides in a scrolling area that has zoom in and out buttons in the corner. If I zoom out and scroll the grid away from the passages, it becomes difficult sometimes to find my work again. I suggest a “return to start” button that centers the start passage in view.

Also, I think the grid view show be draggable and zoomable by the mouse. The mouse wheel should zoom and a click (right or left button) and drag (not on a passage) should drag the grid view.

Bonus points if you center the view to the cursor position when zooming in. This allows a new way of navigating where the author doesn’t drag the view, but zooms out, moves the cursor to an area of interest, and then zooms in to the area they wish to work on… even quicker in some cases than dragging multiple times to get to the area they want to go. I’ve seen the method work well in 3D modelling applications and I wish it would have been adopted in Twine. Currently Twine only allows a right click and drag to move the grid view.

Anyway, it’s not a huge deal breaker, but more of a convenience thing. I’m sure there are bigger fish to fry with the application development. I also wanted to say that it’s really shaping up nicely. Well done so far! :slight_smile:

Thanks HAL! We’re still enjoying making it :slight_smile:

These are great ideas and we’ve got them in our roadmap now.

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