Story panel/Go! pane completely blank on ARM Windows

On my desktop, I7 works perfectly and I’m able to test the game in the story panel. However, on my Surface Pro X which runs Windows on ARM, I can edit the code and it will compile successfully. But the story panel is blank. I’ve seen people have similar issues but unlike others, my Stop button is not greyed out. When I press it, it greys itself out as if it was running the game.

I’ve tried most of the Windows compatibility tools too and faffing about with emulation settings to no avail. I’ve run the interpreters as exceptions in Windows Security too.


Which versions of Windows and Inform are you running?

I7 v10.1.2 seems to work fine for me in a VM of Windows 11 22H2 on ARM64.

In the past, “story panel is blank” usually means an antivirus package has quarantined the game interpreter component out of the IDE. Not sure whether the Stop button behavior rules that out, but it’s the first thing to check.

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Same as you, v10.1.2 with 22H2 Windows 11.

I’ve run the interpreters as exceptions in Windows Security too.

Windows Security is the only antivirus I have on the machine and I’ve already run them as exceptions. All three are also still present in the Interpreters folder.

Okay, that’s definitely not the problem then. Sorry about the red herring.

Maybe the IDE or interpreter depends on some MS redistributable that happens not to be on that machine? I’ve occasionally had trouble with a fresh Windows setup that was missing the Visual C++ Redistributable. (I have no idea if there’s C++ anywhere in the Inform toolchain. Might be something else.)

Installed Visual C++ for ARM64, still nothing. What other redistributables could it be?