Story inspiration?

I’ve been reading a lot of old posts on this forum about what genres are over/under represented in interactive fiction. I’ve also read several people who mention that IF is closest to a short story in terms of length.

So I found this interesting article called “The 200 genres of the short story”. It has a pretty broad list of possible genres of a short story.

I thought some of you might be interested in finding new ideas to explore for an IF game. I personally thought “resource exchange” sounded like an interesting concept for a game (e.g. you meet an old hermit in a mountain setting like Eve’s Snowquest and must obtain items he needs before he’ll give you food and shelter).

It might even be fun to run a small comp (GenreComp) based on the list sometime in the next year when all of the other comps have died down.

I was saving these links for an IFography article, but I haven’t gotten around to it and they fit the topic.

See also:

And: … ature.html … ct-twists/

Dunno how helpful it’ll be, but I wrote a short story title generator a short while back.

Some form of genrecomp would be cool! Especially if it centred around a plot device/mechanic. Would certainly challenge people who are used to writing in a certain style (e.g. Lovecraftian horror writer having to write a romcom).