Stormrider help

I’m in Shimat’s cabin, and Kasap is here with me. Anything I try to do is disallowed because Kasap’s around. He seems awfully fixated on examining the forward door and doesn’t look like he’s going to lose interest any time soon. Am I stuck here?

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Is the main door to Shimat’s cabin open?

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No, that’s why it’s a problem!

I mean, theoretically there could be some sort of bug in which he wouldn’t leave even when the door was unlocked, so I was just making sure that wasn’t the case.

Have you managed to get anyone to unlock any other doors on the ship?

I can’t remember if any others were unlocked. I’m trying to turn the pipe in Shimat’s, but I can’t because of Kasap…

Argh. I thought I’d fixed that bug before release, and then I thought I’d fixed it in my mid-comp update, but it keeps popping back up. I’ll take another crack at it for post-comp. (Currently, it’s supposed to be completely impossible for Kasap to use the passage from the Miscellany to Shimat’s Cabin, no matter what.)

But, this is why I left some debugging commands in the game. Say XXYZZY SHIMAT to bypass that puzzle. (You’ve solved it; the intended solution is TURN PIPE in the cabin so Bashti comes in and opens the door, and Kasap shouldn’t be able to interfere.)

Sorry about this!


No worries, I just launched from an earlier savepoint and made sure to push the chest out of the room before ol’ Kasap came marching in :slight_smile:


John, I hope you don’t mind if I co-opt your thread for another question as I try to finish Stormrider.

I can’t get into the mess/Udan’s cabin. The invisiclues suggest I need to use the crawlspace to get into them, but the port-side hatch inside Crawlspace Fore is locked, and nothing I’ve tried will get Bashti to open it.

The only areas I’m aware of that haven’t been to are Udan’s cabin and the Gunnery, and the invisiclues for the Gunnery suggest I need to gain access to Udan’s cabin first. Currently the boiler balance makes the port, not the starboard, boiler accessible for me.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get the access hatch open in the crawl space, or some other way to get into the cabin?


The invisiclues are a little unclear on this point: you can get into the Mess and Gunnery in either order. Are either of the hatches in Crawlspace Fore unlocked?


I think you have to make sure the port boiler is the not-hot one: wrench a pipe on top deck so Bashti goes up there, go down and close the stairs, then wrench a pipe somewhere downstairs. I might be forgetting a detail but it’s something like that…


You might want to [spoiler] that…

But yeah, I just went and tried: Bashti can’t take the heat either, so the boiler balance controls which way he goes.


Yep, exactly that! Qarrad is the only one on the ship who can deal with that level of heat, so anyone else will go to the side that’s not overheated.


D’oh! I was one hundred percent convinced I had already tried that and it didn’t work, but I looked back through my transcript, and no I didn’t, and I tried it, and it does.

Thank you, @johnnywz00, @JoshGrams, @Keltena, and @Draconis!