Stopping the contents of a container from being listed.

I am using fluid containers (like so):

A fluid container is a kind of container.  A fluid container can be large or small.  A fluid container can be full or empty.  

My problem is that when a fluid container is empty, the text reports it twice:

empty carton (empty)

The first empty I added because “empty carton” sounds more natural than “carton (empty)” but I would like to know how to get rid of the parenthesized text, IFF the carton is empty.

I am also having a problem with letting things be recognized by their properties. For example, if the carton is filled with milk, it prints as “Carton of Milk”. “Drink milk” and “Drink carton” will both work, as I have the fluid container described by the liquid it contains, but “Drink carton of milk” doesn’t work.

For getting rid of the parenthesized text:

Rule for printing room description details: stop.

See 17.15 in the documentation.

I’d have to check, but IIRC, the fix for the “carton of milk” problem is something like:

Understand "of" as referring to a fluid container.