Stopping the action from a supplying a missing noun rule

I thought I could do this, and sometimes it works:

[from Speech Motivations:]

[code]For supplying a missing second noun when exclaiming something to (this is the choose an interlocutor to exclaim to rule):
unless we found an interlocutor for the player:
[say “stopping the action.”;]
stop the action;
now the second noun is the current interlocutor.

To decide whether we found an interlocutor for (actor - a person):
Carry out the finding an interlocutor activity with actor;
Decide on whether or not the interlocutor of actor is not nothing;
Sometimes (maybe always, but I’m not sure), failing to find an interlocutor results in a “You must supply a second noun” message. But if I uncomment the debugging message, the default error doesn’t appear.

Now I don’t think I have time to fix this for the IFComp, but since it’s in an extension, I want to know if there’s some way I can make it work. And if you CAN answer me in the next 60 minutes, you get the extra added bonus of one less bug in a comp game…

You need to print some text to stop the “You must supply a second noun” from being printed. If you just wanted to get rid of the message, you could just print the empty text (say “”;), which does the job nicely.

Hope this helps, especially as it’s been less than an hour! :wink:

Thanks! I had wondered if it was like the writing a paragraph activity, which I vaguely remembered involved conditional paragraph breaks, but I couldn’t remember the details.