Stop displaying room names?

So I can see this piece of code in the Thing class:

/* if desired, display the room name */ if ((verbose & LookRoomName) != 0) { "<.roomname>"; lookAroundWithinName(actor, illum); "<./roomname>"; }
Just what I want. But how do I express that it isn’t desired?

LookRoomName seems to be a flag in adv3.h:

[code]/* ------------------------------------------------------------------------ /

  • Flags for LOOK AROUND styles

/* show the room name as part of the description */
#define LookRoomName 0x0001[/code]
How do I use this flag? It seems to be implied in comments that I can set gameMain.VerboseMode.isOn to some combination of flags, such as “(LookRoomDesc | LookListSpecials | LookListPortables)”, but doing so in the intro doesn’t seem to turn off the room names.

Alternatively I can just short circuit lookAroundWithinName to return nothing, but that’s overkill. I don’t want to stop rooms having names, I just don’t want them printed out as the player moves around or looks.

LookRoomName is a bit-flag that is used when calling Actor.lookAround(), Thing.lookAroundPov(), Thing.lookAroundWithin() and maybe others. gameMain.VerboseMode.isOn doesn’t work with bit-flags. It can only be either true or nil.

Try overriding (or modifying, if you’re not subclassing) Thing.lookAroundWithin(actor, pov, verbose):

lookAroundWithin(actor, pov, verbose) { if (verbose) { verbose = (LookRoomDesc | LookListSpecials | LookListPortables); } else { verbose = (LookListSpecials | LookListPortables); } inherited(actor, pov, verbose); }

That should work.

For the statusline, you can play around with Thing.statusName(actor). By default, it prints the room name.

Yay! Awesome. Thanks.

I’m not too worried about the status line because I’ll be changing that anyway.