Sting - Post-Comp Release

The post-Comp version of my entry in this year’s competition, Sting, is up at IFDB. It incorporates a bunch of small usability tweaks and bug fixes to make it a smoother experience to play – I benefitted from the experience of many reviewers and feedback-givers who made suggestions and found bugs, so thanks to all those who did so!

There’s no additional content, so if you’ve already played, there’s probably not much reason to revisit, unless you’d like another go at the marginally more intuitive sailboat race. If you haven’t yet played, though, this is the best way to experience IFComp 2021’s 13th-place finisher, a game described by one anonymous feedback-leaver as “moving and meaningful and aspiring to be more of a literary novel type experience”, and by another as “a little confusing.”

(There are also a bunch of reviews on IFDB that might provide a more well-rounded sense of whether Sting is worth your time, though the current top-rated one, while lovely, does include some spoilers so reader beware)


I have to ask: did you add the ability to step on bees?


And the ability to eat bees? I remember you had a transcript where someone tried to eat a bee. Then the game could end at the ER with a tube down your throat.