Stereotypical, new game by Scott Adams and co (Clopas LLC) seek funding at Kickstarter

Stereotypical, new game by Scott Adams and co (Clopas LLC) seeks funding at Kickstarter

It is an episodic detective point-and-click, choice-based puzzle adventure for mobile.


I thought I’d bump this, since the campaign hasn’t picked up a lot of steam. There are some low, affordable tiers that even I can support.

The video on the below-listed page explains the game: a P&C/choice game developed in partnership with university students. These students will be able to feature a published game in their portfolios, which seems like a nice touch.

Stereotypical by Clopas LLC — Kickstarter


Also, we can contribute spreading the work. It cost nothing!

Here are some cool links to help Scott and co.

The original post:

Also this nice twit by Drew:

And this new Q&A with Scott Adams himself!


Speaking of IF kickstarters, this has just about one day left to go.