Stephen King's Cujo


I’m new to writing IF and also new to this community. The first IF game I played was Anchorhead and oh boy was I surprised. I never imagined this to be such a fun (if you can really call it that way in this game :wink: )! Actually, it was one of the best games I ever played. :smiley:
However, first of all I have to say that I’m not a native English speaker or writer (I’m from Germany) and so I might have some problems expressing myself properly, especially when writing IF.

To get to my project: After I finished playing Anchorhead I instantly had a vision - what about writing an IF novel to a book that already exists, but not as some kind of re-narration or “-themed” stuff, but to work directly with the novel’s original text instead. To test this, I grabbed the first English novel from my shelf, which was, as you may have already guessed “Cujo” by Stephen King. Now, I don’t really like the book that much and I only once read it in German, but as a little test project, the first few pages should suffice. It’s not finished, but I already post here to maybe get some comments and/or collaborateurs for a little “preview version”.
If anyone feels fond in correcting texts and making stylistic suggestions, I’d be happy if you could post here. :slight_smile:
First of all, I’d like to explain, what I expect from a direct novel adaptation. All the places and rooms you go to have to feel “real” and dynamic. Everything that’s mentioned in a description can be examined, touched or taken, no matter if it serves any purpose for the solution or not. To be precise: I want something like a real world adaptation, which was done really well in Anchorhead. Till now, I didn’t find any game that can be compared to Anchorhead regarding the design of the rooms and items (if you know one, please post here!).
So far, I’ve created:

  • a basic map of the upper floor of the Trenton’s house with Tad’s room, the hallway (north part and south part) and the bathroom.
  • a description of all kinds of things inside Ted’s room, including scenery like the moonlight or the shadows that the willow tree in front of the window casts (you get a basic idea of what I’m talking about when I say “realistic”).
  • the player (Ted), placed inside his bed, waking up “one morning not long after midnight” in May 1980. Ok, if you own the book, you know that I’m in the very first scene where Ted has his encounter with the monster in his closet.
    Ah, btw, I program in Inform 7.

Basically I thought I could write the scene faster. Now I’ve been programming for three days and there’s way to go!
So, I really feel like I could need a little help here, not to actually write an IF of the whole book (which would take about five years to program and half a year to play through :wink: ), but only from the first scene, at least for now.
I’d like to meet people, who like the idea of adapting novels and re-write them in IF and maybe even start a little project with at least 3-5 people and actually adapt a book!

Ok, that’s for now. if I’ve woken your interest, just post here!

Regards, Timo

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