Steam Sale: Interactive Fiction on Sale Until December 2

A Steam sale is running, now until December 2nd. Choice of Games has curated a collection of interactive fiction for sale on Steam that you might enjoy (including our own games and many others); almost all of them are deeply discounted. … r/7026798/

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Long Live the Queen isn’t on your list but is choicey, and is on sale too!

Thanks for the info! I already own most of the games on your list, but I’m following you. Strong second to the recs of “Analogue: A Hate Story,” “The Stanley Parable,” and “Choice of the Deathless.”

Thanks for recommending “Long Live the Queen,” Dannii — I don’t know when I’ll have the time to play something so complex, but I couldn’t resist the sale price.

Nice list!

Long Live the Queen is a brilliant marriage of gameplay and storytelling; I keep meaning to write it up. “Winning” it is fiendishly complex, but it offers very satisfying plays even if you’re not seriously trying to win: every story has great tension. Hard to win, easy to play and enjoy.

If you update the list, it’d be great to see The Yawhg on there too.

For those that didn’t know, Georgina Bensley (who wrote Long Live the Queen) has competed in IFComp 3 times.