Steam Deck

I am considering buying a Steam Deck and I was wondering if anyone here has purchased one and could give me their thoughts and impressions.

Seems like the classical gadget for parser games lovers… ✓.✓

I haven’t played any IF on it (keeping with the theme of this forum) but I’ve had mine since June and I love it! A very versatile device since it’s basically a mini Linux computer with controllers on the sides. I never had a device capable of playing any big PC games, and I love handhelds, so this was the perfect solution for me. It’s a little heavy but you get used to the weight, but I have some issues with stiff joints and that poses a problem if I’m playing for longer than a couple of hours. Other than that, it’s a really great device especially for the price in comparison to other handheld PCs on the market. If you’re willing to do a little tinkering you’ll be able to really push it to its max potential.


I have one, but I’ve only really used it for testing the Steam releases of Meanwhile and Leviathan. (Which run great!)

Hadean Lands did not run well at all. The device’s soft keyboard could not cope with text input in the Electron framework. Other parser games may or may not have the same problem. (I’m told hooking up an external keyboard works, but at that point you might as well play on a laptop.)

I like the idea of a tablet-shaped device for playing certain PC games. Particularly small puzzle games. (I play plenty of puzzle games on my iPad.) But it turns out that, in practice, I just boot up the desktop PC to play all PC games.

Perhaps if I was away from home more, the Steam Deck would be a better fit.