Steam and Sacrilege - Ready for beta testing

Hi all,

First post!

I started a game last year for the 2015 IF Comp, but being the noob that I was, I came up against the Max_ZCODE_Size error and it took me a while to figure out how to get around it. I missed the competition last year, but on the plus side, I’ve had plenty of time to work on the game.

Now it’s ready for beta testing. I’ve been breaking it, quite successfully I might add, for months now. I’ve had one family member try to help out, but the game needs more serious testers.

If you’re interested in in play testing, PM me and I’ll send you the game.

Here’s a quick blurb about it:

She’s a big ol’ parser with 132 rooms and 529 things. But don’t let that scare you. It’s a bit railroad-y in the beginning to introduce the characters and things but it really opens up after that, with 5 alternate endings and multiple ways to play through the game.

Thanks in advance for even reading this far. For those of you ready to give it a try, let me know.

Dang, that’s a lot of rooms. Do you anticipate that most players will complete this game within 2 hours?

I think so. A lot of the “rooms” are stairwells and hallways, so folks are just passing through, not exploring. The main location is a seven story hotel, so in order to make that work, I needed a lot of rooms. Also, in order to get through the game, you don’t need to visit all the rooms. I mainly included them to flush out the location. In one of the end scenarios, the game ends, but not “finally”. If the player wants to really see everything, they can explore each and every room.

But I am worried about the two hour time limit. Mainly because some of the game takes place before you get to the hotel to provide some sort of backstory/context. We’ll see how the play testing goes. If people don’t see a real need for the up front stuff, I could take it out and simply have the player start in the hotel.