Steal 10 Treasures question

I’m trying to play Steal 10 Treasures from ParserComp, and it keeps filling in text I don’t want to type. The directions say to type ? and enter, but I can’t seem to get a question mark to type. I can’t type I for inventory. I can’t type X ME. In fact, I can’t seem to type any text that I want. I try to type ENTER CASTLE, and it fills in CLIMB TREE.

Is this the normal way the game operates, or is something wonky here?


It’s been a while since I played it, but the game uses a lot of non-standard keys as shortcuts for commands. There’s a help menu somewhere that lists the shortcut keys. I think maybe ? brings up the help menu.
Just noticed where you said you couldn’t get the question mark to work. No idea about that.

Huh. I restarted it a couple of times and now ? works. I think I may be too irritable and spacey this week to learn new parser commands, and it keeps doing weird things when I forget and try standard ones. I think I’ll table this one and try it again later.

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It took a bit for me to get used to it, but once I did, it felt very innovative!

I spent a lot of time in the first two rooms just getting acclimated with everything before I actually entered the castle.

The key is to remember not to type stuff in as a standard parser, and it’s hard to get over that expectation! So yeah, it’s in the freestyle section for a reason. The freestyle section was made for entries like this.

After a while I found the arrows really handy.

It might be neat if both / and ? mapped to help, for player convenience, since / doesn’t mean anything, and people can forget the shift key. It goes against most parser conventions to have non-alphanumeric commands, especially since . is usually used to separate them.

I also had a small problem when I quit and restarted after dying. That’s a bug that may be fixed by now. I had to reload the page so things got back to normal.

Here’s a screenshot/reference card for instructions, for anyone else who might want/need it.


Thanks aschultz for taking this, I’ve had a sudden amount of work to do IRL and haven’t been able to get around to s1t.

Sometimes I’ve seen browsers get a little funny about when they start accepting keyboard input. You have to sometimes click the screen with a mouse, or type several keys to get going.

One side note here is that s1t REALLY doesn’t work well on mobile. You really have to have a physical keyboard, I’m afraid. I’ve thought about how to get around this but it comes down to the fact that phones and computers are just very different experiences.

But mostly thanks everybody for playing my game! It really is more than I can hope for that people play around the weird stuff I write. Once I get through some work stuff I’ll get back to improving it.