Start player with items in inventory

How do I start a player out with stuff in his inventory?

Just say “The player carries a gun,” for instance. A gun is just an example. You don’t have to use a gun. Don’t use a gun.

Right. Got it. Put a loaded gun in my mouth. Thank you for the advice.

This works only in games about crime.

Kidding aside, you can either use “when play begins”

when play begins: now the player has the gun.

or say

the gun is a thing. The player has the gun.

The 2nd is a bit more rickety, I think, since it’s defined globally and you’ll forget how things are at the beginning. You can make subfunctions and stuff to keep track of things even further, but I don’t know how complex you want your first game to be, or how big of a programmer you are/want to be.

You can always check the index to see where things start out. I’d only use a “when play begins” rule if there was a question as to where the stuff should start, like if it is distributed around randomly.

Thank you all for the generous help.