StarSector [Video Game]

I’ve only recently learned about StarSector although it’s been around, I think, since about 2012.

This game scratches a real itch for me. It combines narrative & character development elements with procedural generation. I think for the most part it makes use of emergent narrative, you tell your own story as you play. But I could be wrong about that.

As a player there are a number of factions you can interact with, worlds you can colonise. Pirates you can avoid or fight. The combat is interesting combining fighting & fleet tactics.

At the moment, sad to say, I am a filthy smuggler peddling recreational chemicals anywhere it nets a profit.

For my money it’s a steal at $15.

Anyone else played it & have a view?


“Right on Commander!” :slight_smile:


Oh my God! This game looks like it was made for me.

I’m a huge fan of SPAZ (Space Pirates and Zombies, which is on sale right now), so Starsector is a no brainer. Thanks so much, Matt!

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You are welcome!

I wanted to like SPAZ but just couldn’t get on with it. I have pumped a rather infeasible number of hours into Stellaris but I didn’t like the price of the latest DLC so went looking for something else.

If you join the Discord I am sandbags.

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SPAZ can be a bit of a slog. I just loved the upgrading/building and game play.

Surely, you’ve played Captain Forever then?

Never heard of it before now, I’m actually having trouble working out what it is!

I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole with StarSector. A filthy smuggler I am, and now with a fleet capable of actually sneaking around :slight_smile:

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I just played it a bit for the first time in over many years and I was a bit confused as well. I guess I should be careful of what I’m recommending.

Captain Forever has evolved and gotten more confusing over time. When it first started, it was nothing but squares and rectangles to build a hull and then you placed guns and thrusters wherever you deemed fit. You gathered the parts from downed ships and debris you found in the sector. It was spaceship Lego, basically. You drag the parts you find with the mouse, and it will fuse with the available sides of your hull.


I might have to watch a YouTube to learn how to play it again, but it was just a “how long can you hold on?” type of game. Short play sessions and trying new builds to see what was effective. The longer you lasted, the harder the enemies; but the cooler the guns and tougher the hull parts that became available, basically. So simple, but very deep.

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Interesting. I might go watch some videos myself. That kind of gameplay doesn’t necessarily appeal to me — kind of variant on bullet-hells which I tend to enjoy while they stay easy!

StarSector is quite challenging, but in a good way. I had some early success with missions surveying far out in the sector — got overconfident :slight_smile:

I’m starting to build a decent fleet now and cash stockpile (over 1m credits) and gearing up to starting my first colony.

It’s amazing how many systems this game has.

It’s not quite a full economy but it’s pretty close. That leads to some interesting exploits. One guy was selling frozen-planet colonies ‘solar lamps’ to induce a requirement for materials he was producing on his own colonies :slight_smile:

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