Standard IF commands


I have been trying to create a simple command parser from scratch in C++.
Right now i am trying to define a vocabulary of basic verbs but need some sort of guideline to ensure none of the standard IF commands is left out.
Can someone provide me with a full list of the standard commands used in IF or maybe those understood by Tads/Inform?
couldn’t find anything useful by searching the web .

There is no complete standard list because every game is different. A list of the most common command forms can be seen at .

If you want to see the standard verbs used by Inform, you can download Inform, compile a one-room game, and look at the index tabs for “Actions”.

Yes, I misused the word ‘standard’. ‘Common’ would be better for the kind of thing i was asking for. By ‘common’ commands i mean those which are widely used in IF, such as examine (x) . I understand that this doesnt necessarily apply to every single game but i would rather make my parser recognize i[/i] as an abbr. for examine rather than i[/i] . I came across the play-if-card while searching and it covers most of the basic commands but i was wondering if there are more .

This might help in finding more commands and synonyms of verbs .

Thanks for replying .