Stake Through A Bloody Heart (WIP) - A reverse harem paranormal romance

Hi! I’m Iconia. I like trash and romance so I write this paranormal romance and call it Stake Through A Bloody Heart.

Link: Stake Through A Bloody Heart by Iconia Genie


My family doesn’t have a good history with the paranormals. When I was seven, my sister got kidnapped by a vampire. Years earlier, my aunt disappeared with a faerie. The sight of them with a supernatural was the last any one of us could witness. It’s as if they were erased from existence.

Mom and Dad try to equip me against these creatures. The idea that one of us will disappear again is too much to bear. But when a certain supernatural comes into my life, revealing a lot more about me that my family could ever know, I wonder if all those years of training could prepare me enough for this.

Romantic options

Charlie (gender-selectable)
Their parents passed away, so my family decided to take them under our wing. They’re sweet, they care about me, and I can always count on them with anything. I wonder if I have the same impact on them.

Ashton/Ashley (gender-selectable)
That irritating vampire who acts way too friendly with me for our own sake. They’re volatile, they’re suspicious, they’re always flirting with me for no reason! But why does my heart beat so fast when I see them?

About game

  • Vampire Diaries meets interactive fiction
  • A pre-defined female protagonist
  • At least 2 love interests and up, harem route available
  • Get involved into school drama, supernatural drama, just drama in general
What's available this update (12.4.2023)
  • Chapter 1
  • Customize MC’s name
  • Meet the first RO

Looks interesting, but when you run the game, you get a mini-window to work in. Could this fill the browser instead?

Yeah, there should a button for that at the right corner of the mini window. Thanks for the interest!