SpringThing2023 Beta Testers Wanted for: Beat Me Up Scotty!

Greetings Earth creatures!

This is your, once in a lifetime opportunity to be a beta tester for my forthcoming SpringThing 2023 game,

Beat Me Up Scotty

Yes indeed. Fabulous prizes, free beer (tomorrow) and raw, untrammelled excitement could be yours for free. Or not as the case may be.

About the game

Beat Me Up Scotty is a totally droll and bizarre, but very short (10 mins), parser IF where you have to extricate yourself from a sequence of tricky situations. And there’s no beaming up! The game mechanic is word guessing. For fun.

Oh. Any similarity to persons dead, alive or fictional or any particular space sci-fi TV series is purely coincidental!

Additionally, for everyone’s perusal and amusement, the source code will also be released along with the final entry. What Larks!

Boldly going thems who dares, please DM me. Many thanks to all.

PS. Game not guaranteed werewolf free.


Forgot to add: is web based. No installs needed.


Hi, if you still need testers I can have a look at it. Sounds fun!


Message sent. Thanks.