Spring Thing final updates before archiving

Hello Spring Thing authors!

I plan on sending an email, but I’ve been putting it off so long I might as well start here then get to the email later.

Before submitting Spring Thing games to the IFArchive, we’d love for you to put in any updates that you’d like to part of the final submission. No updates are required, but any updates are allowed. I’d like to submit the final versions in about a week. After that, authors can individually submit updates to the ifarchive or their platform of choice.

Thanks for all you’ve done!


Brian, do you want a ZIP with an “extras” folder? Or just the story file?

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I think I’ll just be taking our current ‘stories’ folders (the ones you get when you hit ‘download’) and replacing them with whatever you submit. So only if the materials have been updated!


Thanks for giving us this advance warning! I have some stuff I’d like to clean up. Some will hopefully soon be explained in a postmortem here. (And who knows, the postmortem may go in the update!)