Spring Thing adventures on the go

We are in Holy week holyday, so I have some spare time to play and comment some games here and there.
First of all I want to congratulate Mathbrush as organizer and all the participants in the jam becouse you are providing a lot of fun here.

The Kuolema by Ben Jackson


First game I am playing is The Kuolema by Ben Jackson.

Well, What have we found here? A game made with Google Forms? What’s that?
This is an awesome thriller developed in an unusual platform. It works fine for me and my tablet: Smooth and clean.
You know by now that I rather prefer text parser based games, but this one has a good combination for me including exploration, thriller, mystery and polished puzles deeply developed in the story.
I have ended the first chapter and can say that I love this game so much. I expected some shorter, simpler and easier game.

There are a lot of good pictures in the gameplay, some of them illustrating the ship and the enviroment, some others bringing up items you find in the enviroment when explorating.

And finally a question for those who are playing the game:

I have tried all possible combinations for the safe as explained in the note but none of them seems to work. I have visited the showers but I can’t find any clue there…

  • Jade.

Thanks Jade - I’m really pleased you’re enjoying it so far!

hint 1:

To get the code for the safe, you’ll need to find a couple of clues - the first one is in the uniforms right by the safe (I’m sure you’ll have found that one). The second one then makes more sense of it. To find that, go to Cabin 4 and read the note about the meeting…

hint 2:

The meeting note suggests you head to the Operations room and look at the ‘whiteboard’. Do that and you’ll also discover a key. Use the key elsewhere (nearby) to find that last clue – which, combined with the shower door numbers, should give you the safe combination!


I was trying brute force 3 times and it didin’t work.
Well, I have lost all the progress. Google forms doesn’t actually save progress in a proper way. 8-(


Don’t worry, you can actually pretty much pick up from where you left off. There’s no save game function in Google Forms - but, as long as you made a note of the codes you found, it’s fine, you don’t need to save. The codes and passwords act like shortcuts (you don’t have to re-do the stuff that got you the code in the first place). Choose ‘Skip ahead’ at the start and enter the ‘Level 1 Keycard’ code. Then, just carry on from where you were. If you’re still having trouble, or forgot to write down any of the codes, you can find everything on the walkthrough here.