Spring Thing 2024 Ribbon Nominations are Live! (now closed)

Players can now nominate entries in this year’s Spring Thing for ribbons. There are two kinds of ribbons:

  • “Best In Show” ribbons, for Main Festival entrants only, will be awarded to the two games with the most nominations overall.
  • “Audience Award” ribbons, for any festival games, are suggested by nominators and can be anything they like: “Best Story,” “Best Parser Game,” “Personal Favorite,” “Alumni’s Choice,” “Cutest Vampires”… you get the idea.

Ribbon nominations are open to anyone, although we respectfully request that you:

  • Play at least two games before making any nominations
  • Only make nominations once per festival year (although it’s easy to update/amend your ballot)

Players may nominate games up until 11:59PM EST on May 11th at the nomination page on the festival site. The festival games are available here.


Just popping in to say that voting is going very well, and we have quite a few votes.

But, interestingly, they’re very spread out. Around half the games have nominations for Best in Show, and no game has more than 1-2 votes.

So, if there’s a game you feel strongly about, make sure to vote, as your vote alone might be the deciding one!


Bumping this in case anyone (like, say, me) has been procrastinating on getting your ribbon nominations in – just a couple days left!


This won’t matter for much longer, but I just noticed that the nomination page gives May 13th, 2023 as the end date!


OK, OK, I’m waiting until (almost) the last minute, but I tried voting for “Best in Show” and was told:

It’s after May 11, 2024 08:00 AM , and that means the nomination period is over. Ballots can no longer be submitted or confirmed. Sorry!

While it is after that time, the time on the submission page said May 11, 2024 11:59 PM Pacific was the deadline.

I contribute absolutely nothing and this is the thanks I get ?!? :grinning:

On the one hand, if it’s just me, it’s not a big deal. On the other hand, if it’s a close race… just thought I’d put this out there.


Thanks, I fixed that!

Nominations will close at 11:59 tonight. Then I will email authors and allow them to list prize preferences and choose which ribbons they prefer to display! Final results will come out once that gets back (2-3 days max).

Try again if you’d like, I changed a line of code once I saw your post and it may work better now!


Now it says it is after 11:59 AM. We’re almost there! :grinning:


lol. I tried setting it to ‘23’, so if military time works, we should be good. If not…


And we are good! Thank you the quick response! :grinning:


Thanks for voting! I received your results.


Brian, in a forum followed in US and EU is easy to forget about timezone (US pacific timezone, is HI ??)

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.



Does this display correctly?


Nah, the Hawaii time zone is just Hawaii; Pacific is for states on the Pacific coast, just like for states on the Atlantic coast the time zone is - oh, hang on, for some reason we decided that one would be “eastern”. And don’t even ask about daylight savings. Yeah, apologies!

(It’s 6:18 Pacific time as of this writing, if that’s helpful).

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Oh, so in about 3 hours?

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Yeah, exactly! But I don’t expect a last minute flood. There were a lot of votes in the last week, but they’ve slowed down; I think the hiccups with the online form and people just being early made it so there aren’t many late voters.


It’s pretty confusing for over here, which is the real “Eastern” on a map. Oh, America, esdge of the world…


Oh, it’s not so bad - there are just six time zones in the U.S., from Hawaii in the far west to Eastern at the other edge, and Central right in the middle!

…hang on, I’m being informed “Central” is actually just right next to Eastern.

Again, all I can do is apologize.


Nominations are now closed! Authors, I have begun emailing you one at a time with the list of ribbon nominations you received and other instructions. If you don’t receive an email in the next hour, let me know!

Thanks to everyone who left audience awards; there are a ton of choices for authors to pick between and they seem well-thought out and considerate. Thanks to everyone who’s participated!