Spring Thing 2022 is now live!

I’m delighted to announce that the 2022 Spring Thing Festival of Interactive Fiction, featuring 47 new playable stories written in Adventuron, Bitsy, Dendry, Inform, Kreate, Perplexity, Ren’Py, Squiffy, Strand, and Twine, is now open!

Authors chose whether to submit games to the Main Festival, where they are eligible for ribbon nominations and the prize pool, or the Back Garden, which opts out of ribbons and prizes but has looser entry requirements (including allowing excerpts from unfinished or commercial games).

In the Main Festival:

In the Back Garden:

You can play the games and find out everything you need to know about the festival at the official site, or follow us on Twitter at @SpringThingFest.

Instructions for making ribbon nominations will go up next week. Two Best in Show ribbons are awarded each year to the games that get the most nominations, and players can also create their own “Audience Award” ribbons that can be anything they like. The festival will be open for ribbon nominations until 11:59 PM EDT, May 10, 2021.

To all the players, and all the entrants, have fun!

– Aaron


Yay, so exciting! Lots here I’m looking forward to digging into. Thanks so much for organizing and thanks to all the authors!

CHURLISH BUT PERHAPS HELPFUL EDIT: looks like the download all from itch.io link isn’t working, though the individual game downloads are. So figured I’d flag that in case there’s something borked behind the scenes.


Congratulations to all the authors!

That’s a lot of stories… is this a high water for the Spring Thing?


Just joined the forum - excited to have submitted amongst such esteemed company.


Thanks Mike, fixed!

This is once again the largest Spring Thing ever. Years which have broken the record for most games submitted:

2002 (first Spring Thing): 1 entry
2003: 5 entries
2005: 6 entries
2014: 9 entries
2016: 17 entries
2017: 22 entries
2021: 38 entries


Super exciting! I’m looking forward to playing some of the games- and am quite stoked about seeing my first game out and stumbling about in the world! So many entries!! :smile:


The first thing that tickled my fancy was The Box. I’m a sucker for a room escape. Playing now!


Very nice! Looking forward to playing through these. Thanks to everyone who wrote and organized!


Better late than never. As last years I have been waiting for a long time. It is time for my dine… Tomorrow I will see. By the way there is no manner to download the games, slow and fail.

I want to thank organizers an participants, good luck in the festival and win a lot of ribbons for your games.


Reminder for all participants if you’d like to join the Spring Thing 2022 group, that will give you an optional participant title for your username. If it doesn’t change automatically (if you had a different title already set) check your profile in the same place you edit your name, and you can change to any title you have access to.



As Iam trying to download some games to “play on the road” I want to say that I am impactated and good mood surprised for the big amount of titles. As I have betatested a bunch of then, I can say there is a high level in imagination, hard work, and I know we have to be a pleasure time during this festival playing as much as we can.
Thanks for the downloadable stuff.

The link of Fall of Asemia is down.


Jade, you are a gift to IF writers. You don’t get enough credit for all the work you do behind the scenes to help these games be better. Three cheers for Jade!


The link of Fall of Asemia is down.

Thanks, I fixed the download link for this.

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I like very, very much the bottom of the page where is explained the way to run any platform/interpreter. And there is a pretty bunch of it this year.

This year I see most of the games are Twine ones (26), also I can see a lot of different authoring systems (7) with one or two games and a few parser ones (12 though the Parsercomp is knocking on the door)


Woohoo! Super exciting! Just a heads up, the Play Online option for Another Cabin In The Woods is broken. Excited to play all the other entries this year :slight_smile:


Externoon link to play online also is broken!
Another Cabin In The Woods link is broken.

The Prairie House requiers a password to play online.

All the other entries seems to work fine.

I have found a new multiplayer game “Ma Tiger’s Terrible Trip” We have to contact to play it.


Congratulations to everybody who participated! 47 games is a lot of games.


the Play Online option for Another Cabin In The Woods is broken

Thanks, this is now fixed.

Externoon link to play online also is broken!

I’ve contacted the author about making their self-hosted play online link live.

The Prairie House requiers a password to play online.

Author has fixed (see below).


Congratulations to everyone who got their game finished in time to enter! I’m looking forward to playing them. Best of luck with the ribbons!