Spring Thing 2016 review thread

Links to reviews of the Spring Thing 2016 entries will appear at the Spring Thing 2016 IFWiki page.

If you’re reviewing any Spring Thing entries, please consider posting a link to your reviews here, or adding the link directly to the IFWiki page.

Oh, thanks for linking to my blog!

Is it alright for authors participating in Spring Thing to publicly post reviews of other Spring Thing Works? I’m asking because the authors’ private board for IFComp was one of the most valuable sources of feedback last year.
The way it turned out was pretty effective: many authors had their own review threads in which they commented on the others’ work. This not only meant many helpful reviews, but also a lot of fruitful discussion which pointed the way to further improve on the various innovative design choices present in that competition.
Since my game is in the back garden of this years Spring Thing, I have no stake in the ranking of the entries and would like to start my own review thread to provide feedback to the others (which I could do in private, but it wouldn’t provide as good an opportunity for further discussion).

I do not know what the rules are but, as an author, I would not mind if other authors reviewed my works publicly (in fact I’d like them to.)

I’ve not done any reviews yet but I’ve star-rated a few games I like on IFDB and mentioned some on Twitter. I hope this is ok as it didn’t occur to me that it might not be - although I’d probably keep it to myself if I didn’t like a game, at least until after the Thing.

I don’t know how anyone could get mad about AvB or any other back garden entrants doing reviews, because they don’t have any horse in the race. But as for people in the main competition, I feel like there could be some clarification.

(I’m not sure if any these questions are being directed at me, as the original poster…if so, I don’t know the answer. If somebody does ask Aaron though maybe they could share the answer here?)

Well, I did happen to ask Aaron, and this was his response:

Hi Buster-- there’s no rule against it, and I think as long as you handle it respectfully (and, as you point out, since you’re in the Back Garden), I think it should be fine. You might consider, though, only reviewing the games you have good things to say about; I feel like it gets socially awkward if you’re doing heavy critiques of games you’re exhibiting alongside.

Ultimately I decided I would wait until the festival is over to do any reviews. Even though I’ll probably keep them positive, I don’t want to risk creating any bad feelings while it’s running.

I’m posting some reviews here: astrobolism.tumblr.com

I might not have time to get to all of them, but here are four, anyway: Three-Card Trick, Tangaroa Deep, Xylophoniad, and Dr. Sourpuss. (Spoilers for all.)

I just posted my thoughts on Evita Sempai at ricordius.wordpress.com/ . More will be coming soon. Thoughts on the other IF works, I mean.

All of these reviews are just great! It’s so nice seeing this Spring Thing get attention.

By the way, I never have Internet access long enough to play cooperatively online, but is anyone thinking of arranging a game of Standoff, the pdf game in the back garden?

So I play play-by-post RPGs, and I was thinking it might work to try out Standoff? If there’s enough interest, I could create a thread somewhere in this forum and “GM” a short game. The rules don’t really need to be adjusted all that much for a PbP version. Participants could log in and post maybe once or twice per day.

Any takers?

If it’s once or twice per day, I’m totally in

Added reviews for “Harmonious Time Bind Ritual Symphony” and “Three-Card Trick”. I seem unable to to discuss IF without comparing it to food of some sort.

I have started to do some Spring Thing (Autumn All Stars!) reviews on my blog (http://importantastrolab.blogspot.com.au/) which is also on Planet IF (http://planet-if.com).

A kind and diligent person, probably bg, already added my blog to the IFWiki page. Thanks.

Now that my blog’s been going awhile without crumbling, I realise I should probably categorise the content, so I’m going to add labels to all old and new posts. They should show up in a day or so, and I hope that I or others will be able to click them to round up all posts on particular topics.