Spring Thing 2010 -- call for participation

I’ve been judging the Spring Thing since 2005. This is my favorite community competition to vote in. It has a lot of the fun of the Fall Comp but is more relaxed.

Anyways, voter participation always seems to be low for this competition, so I’d like to remind you guys about it. [emote];)[/emote]

Thanks Bainespal, I didn’t realize games will be released in a few days.

I should really try. I’ve done nothing else productive IF-wise since last fall’s reviews, so maybe a few fresh reviews would help.

Apparently, there was not a single entry! [emote]:shock:[/emote] That’s a little bit of a disappointment, to me. I’ll take this as a sign that I need to get off my lazy butt and write the game that I’ve been thinking about for Spring Thing 2011!

Just to put a word out there, I’m also planning on entering Spring Thing 2011. I haven’t “officially announced” yet though, because I’m waiting to at least get the story into the beta-testing stage before doing so.

Great! I certainly hope your game takes shape smoothly. Enjoy the process of bringing your ideas to life in your own little world made of text, and if it works out, I’ll be happy to play it in the spring!

Since I was so bold to announce that I was going to enter, I’d better face up now. The game that I was “thinking about” back in April was two abandoned projects ago. [emote]:oops:[/emote] A new project started taking shape in my notes this holiday season, and I think I have about two-thirds of the design planned. I’ve written drafts of all the room descriptions, and I’m still working on puzzles and plot. Then I have to decide what IF system to use to implement my first beta version. The only problem is, this game will be short; right now my design has only ten rooms. I’m not really planning to enter into the Spring Fling. But maybe if I do get it done in time, I may consider entering. I’d rather hold it until the October comp, though, or else release it independently. Of course, that’s if I even ever release it at all. [emote];)[/emote]