Spooktober Visual Novel Jam 2023 Sponsorship Drive

Hey there! I’m back again to announce that we’re winding up our sponsorship drive for the Spooktober Visual Novel Jam competition starting in September. We spend some time between June and July seeking businesses, organizations, and tool developers with an interest in interactive fiction and visual novels to help fuel our event and prize pool. Normally I’m a little self-conscious about doing an open call for sponsors like this, but I had a brief conversation with Justin Bortnick over at IFTF and he suggested I give this a shot.

Last year, I posted over here to let people know about the Jam itself, and I figured I’d swing back this time a bit earlier on to see if there were any groups who might be interested in promoting their products and services to our participants in exchange for helping us fuel our prize pool. We prefer partnering with organizations that can benefit from this exposure and have products that our participants can stand behind and we already work with a number of esteemed sponsors each year, including companies like CELSYS, the creator of a popular illustration tool Clip Studio Pro, Casting Call Club, a company that provides educational services and head hunting services for voice actors, and Literature & Latte, the creators of Scrivener. We take contributions from our sponsors and put them into our prize pool, and take a small fraction of their contributions to pay for services that are essential to keeping the event running, like compensating our judges for the enormous undertaking of reading hundreds of visual novels in a month.

We expect to have something near 1,000 participants this year and 200 individual entries and the competition is featured on Itch.IO starting sometime in August. If you know someone who may be interested in sponsoring our event or would be interested in sponsoring yourself, feel free to reply here or hit me at Nai@SpooktoberVNJam.com. You’re also welcome to check out the results of last year’s jam here: Spooktober 4th Annual Visual Novel Jam - itch.io